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BEAM Platinum Accessories

Hose & Accessory Storage Solutions

BEAM Progression On/Off Hoses

  • 9m BEAM Progression On/Off Hose
  • 10m BEAM Progression On/Off Hose
  • 12m BEAM Progression On/Off Hose

The rigid construction of the crush proof hose allows you to clean without having to worry about kinks, flattening or loss of suction

Hose Rack

Mounts on the wall and provides easy storage for your central vacuum hose.

Hose Hugger

Cloth belt with Velcro closures keeps the hose coiled when removing from hanger and makes it easier to carry.

Plastic Caddy

Cloth Tool Caddy

Keeps your central vacuum accessories organised and read to use with the convenient cloth tool caddy. This can be conveniently hung in your closet or storage area for easy retrieval of accessories.

Standard Attachments - Round Neck

Deluxe Combo Rug and Floor Tool

This attachment is designed to allow you to move from carpets to hard floor surfaces without stopping...all you have to do is just switch the hand lever in top of the tool. This attaches to wand or directly onto the hose handle.

14” Floor Tool

This is used for cleaning hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles and stone. OY has wheels for easy mobility.

Rug Tool

Wall and Bare Floor Tool

Slip this attachment on the end of your wand or hose handle for cleaning any hard surface flooring such as vinyl, tiles, and floor surfaces. It is also great to use on walls too

Standard Combo Rug and Floor Tool

Chrome Telescopic Wand

Three Piece Attachment Set

A. Upholstery Tool - Designed for cleaning all types of upholstery, drapes, curtains and mattresses. It can be used with or without the brush.

B. Crevice Tool - This attachment can be used with the wand or directly onto the hose handle. It is designed for use in Narrow spaces in cracks and crevices, along edges and in other hard to clean Areas.

C. Round Dusting Brush - This attachment is designed to help you with much of the dusting chores. It can be used to clean and dust decorative pieces, light fixtures, Venetian and mini blinds, lamp shades, shelving - just about anything in your home that collects dust.

PLEASE NOTE: When using the dusting brush on delicate items such as lamp shades, you should adjust the suction control located in the hose handle to reduce suction, or you may damage items.

D. Clip on Caddy - This attaches to telescopic wand for easy storage of attachments.

Specialty Items - Round Neck

Ceiling Fan

Cleaning those hard to reach ceiling fans can be done quickly without lifting a heavy vacuum or standing on a chair.

Pet Grooming Brush

Use the pet brush to detangle and smooth out the fur without puling or irritating the skin.

Pet Pin Comb

This attachment removes pet hair and dander as you groom or comb both small and large dogs.

Car Care Kit

When you use the BEAM Car Care Kit you lift dust, dirt and debris from carpet, hard surfaces, and upholstery making it a great tool to clean your car or truck. Versatile attachments including an upholstery nozzle, round dusting brush, crevice tool, and a compact 8' hose stretches to 32' with 360° full-swivel handle to eliminate kinking, make cleaning even remote corners easy.

Mini Vac Attachment Set

This attachment is used to clean computers, instrument keyboards, sewing or knitting machines and other small inaccessible areas.

Knitted Hose sock

Quilted Hose Sock

Don't forget to wrap it up! The BEAM Quilted hose sock has a hidden zipper making it easy to install and is a great way to prevent the hose from marking walls, floors and furniture

Dust Mop

Add this dust mop to your central cleaning vacuum to make cleaning hard floor surfaces a breeze. Remove mop head for easy machine laundering.

Dust Mop Replacement Head

90cm Crevice Tool

Perfect for those hard-to-reach spaces under or around large appliances and furniture.

Plantation Blind Attachment

Quickly and conveniently dust and clean with the plantation shutter blind. Blind attachment with soft bristles.