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Quiet Convenience

The lightweight hose clicks into conveniently located valves around the home and activates the fixed BEAM motor to clean your home silently and effortlessly.

Healthier Home

Allergists recommend BEAM because allergens and dirt are vented outside, eliminating re-circulation of fine dust and organic matter onto floors, furniture and into your lungs.

Super Powerful

The massive power of your BEAM reaches deep down to pull dirt, dust, and hair, animal dander, mites, pollen and other contaminants out of the room – and out of the house.

Added Value

This system increases the value of your home and serves as an excellent selling feature. Homes with Central Vacuum Systems sell faster and sell for more.

Why Beam Built-In Vacuums

We have a diverse range of corporate clients...

Our corporate clients include, Medi-Clinic South Africa, Lushaka Constructions, Heinlo Projects, Elzaan Developers, Corsira Constructions. We have also installed the BEAM Centralized Vacuum into large developments such as Dainfern, Eagle Canyon, Waterstone Estate, Amazonas and Michael Angelo. We assist our clients from design to budgeting on their specific needs.

Sponsored clinical research...

BEAM Industries have sponsored clinical research conducted through a leading Medical facility that demonstrated a dramatic improvement in health and physical comfort in the homes that have a Beam system installed.

More recently we have introduced the WasteMaid Food Disposer made by Anaheim USA, one of the largest and most successful manufacturers in the world with millions of satisfied customers.

We offer superb service...

Our installation teams are the best in the business when it comes to retrofits, repairs, scheduled installations, maintenance and emergency services. They are highly trained and skilled.

The hallmark of Beam Built–In Vacuums is, service, most especially on BEAM vacuum network installations, meticulous management, liaison with all professionals, contractors and sub contractors as well as the owner, from inception to hand-over to ensure a problem free installation. This applies as much to retrofits as to new buildings. Our skilled fitting crews are also in continual contact with the site foreman to ensure a trouble free installation.

Our Product Range

  • Sistem Air
  • Green Building Council
  • BEAM
  • ElectroLux