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BEAM Alliance Accessories


Fresh thinking engineered attachments and cleaning tools that operate like a team, flawlessly. So you can clean where no vacuum has been able to reach before - carpets, hardwoods, tiles, upholstery, fans, vents, stairs, nooks, crannies, fresh thinking means never having to hear "You missed a Spot".

Standard Attachment Set

Your beam hose and attachment set comes with a two piece wand and a variety of cleaning tools specifically designed for virtually every cleaning chore. Additional special tools and cleaning accessories are also available.

3 in 1 Cleaning Tool

The 3 in 1 cleaning tool easily transforms from a dusting brush to a crevice tool or fabric tool.

3 in 1 Clip for Telescopic Wand

Beam Alliance Double D Adapter

Allows you use standard round cleaning attachments with BEAM’s exclusive square wand.

BEAM Alliance Telescopic Wand

BEAM Alliance Combo Rug & Floor Tool

Combo Floor brush adapts easily to bare floors with pedal release brush up/down switch.

BEAM Alliance Hard Floor Tool

BEAM Alliance Turbine Tool

BEAM Alliance HEPA Filter

Now there is no need to vent to the outdoors. The optional BEAM Alliance HEPA Filter removes any impurities left in the air before it is recirculated. Breathe easy!